Are you ready to fight corruption?

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ACI membership is divided into five tiers. This gives you the possibility to engage in the fight on corruption at your own pace, with the commitments that suit you personally.

Below you can sign up for the different categories. If you have any queries regarding membership, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Our members fight corruption around the world in a number of ways, from planning and hosting meetings and events in their communities & universities, to developing new tools and methods in which we can fight corruption around the world. Will you join us in the fight against corruption?


 Our members are key to
driving Anti Corruption
International forward and
helping us hold
power accountable.


 You contribute to the fight against
corruption by raising your voice,
and creating and contributing
articles to raise awareness
of the impract of corruption.


 Our Anti Corruption Activists are on the frontline in the fight against corruption, from petition stands to marches and demonstrations, our activists are spearheading action.


 Our activists are ready to fight corruption around the world, Will you help be the one to lead them?


We need young experts in various aspects of Anti Corruption Work, is this you?

Please contact ACI President Jason Deegan at to discuss you joining ACI as an expert