Why The European Union Matters

On the second anniversary of Anti Corruption International, two of the primary founders of the organisation were in a windy Brussels campaigning. They were seeking to advance the discussion on the relevance of combating corruption for the European Union, an area which even this year has seen its setbacks.
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African Youth LeadershipHow can Africa reach its fullest potential?

Many parts of Africa have failed to reach their potential, by effectively failing to not utilise their material resources, but find out why Kudzai Goremusandu believes the greater problems lays in the ability to not utilise the youth potential in many African countries and what he proposes as a solution.

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Corruption & Climate Change

Climate Change is the most important issue of the 21st century. The phenomenon is threatening the life of millions of people, animals and plants on earth. The impact of Climate Change is affecting the Earth’s atmosphere, causing severe weather conditions and inducing the spread of life-threatening diseases. The impact of Climate Change is affecting the most vulnerable poorest countries in the world.

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Corruption stories from across the internet


South Korea waits with bated breath as ousted leader’s trial approaches

Ousted South Korean leader Park Geun-hye is due to go on trial Tuesday over the spectacular corruption scandal that brought her down, the country’s third former president to appear in the dock.

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Source: japantimes.co.jp


Ethiopia’s Oromia state brings 600 alleged corrupt individuals to justice

In its vigorous crackdown against corruption, Ethiopia’s Oromia Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission on Wednesday announced it has brought to justice 600 individuals of which 93 were jailed from 6 months to thirteen years during the past nine months.

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Source: journalducameroun.com


Ukraine shelves corruption bill angering West

Ukrainian lawmakers bowed Wednesday to International Monetary Fund pressure and shelved a highly-controversial bill that critics feared would have defanged the former Soviet republic’s vital fight against corruption.

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Source: YahooNews


Mohammad Nawaz suspended for two months in corruption investigation

All-rounder Mohammad Nawaz has been banned for two months as part of an investigation into corruption in the Twenty20 Pakistan Super League.

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Source: BBC Sport

The Americas

Pope tells Latin American bishops corruption is grave threat

Corruption poses a grave threat to the people of Latin America, Pope Francis has warned.

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Source: catholicherald.co.uk

Editors Choice

Brazil president seeks suspension of corruption investigation

Brazil’s President Michel Temer says he will ask the Supreme Court to suspend an investigation against him, because vital evidence has been “manipulated”.

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Source: BBC News